In Co-Impact Sourcing, Source to You, Why doTERRA?

What I love about doTERRA is its integrity and commitment to source the best essential oils and make them available to us, while being at the service of the communities involved in each step of the supply chain.

I know, it seems too good to be true!

I company that works in a complete transparent way, and makes all the sourcing and testing information available to its customers so they are confident to use doTERRA essential oils in any circumstance.

Thanks to the website you can learn why when it comes to your health your only choice should be doTERRA essential oils. You can learn what makes doTERRA essential oils the best on the market, and look at the test results for every single batch of the essential oils sourced all around the World.


Growers: while others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing, and harvesting process, or even try to “extend” pure oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective. Thanks to exclusive partnerships with growers all around the globe, doTERRA is able to offer 84% of its oils as unique and incomparable products to its customers.



Distillers: Once an aromatic plant has been properly harvested, it is transported to a distillery where its oil is captured. Extracting essential oil is an extremely delicate process. If done improperly, distillation can dramatically alter or destroy a plant’s aromatic compounds. If distillation is completed with customized care, the resulting essential oil retains a strong chemical profile to provide therapeutic benefits to its users.



Scientists: Unlike others in the essential oils industry, doTERRA is built on firm science. doTERRA employs more than 30 scientists and boasts 200 square meters in cutting-edge laboratory space. doTERRA’s committed scientists continue to push the boundaries of rigor in essential oil testing and they are responsible for breakthroughs in sourcing, evolving models of use, and state-of the-art testing procedures. doTERRA has pushed aromatherapy tradition into the 21st century and remains the unmatched industry leader in innovation.



Practicioners: Collaborating with many of the top universities and independent facilities in the world, doTERRA is at the forefront of essential oil science. doTERRA’s dedication to working with modern healthcare has led to growing partnerships with world-renowned medical facilities. These facilities use doTERRA essential oils every day to improve outcomes for patients and the work environment for the staff. The medical partnerships empower doTERRA to discover more effective and safe uses of essential oils as complements to modern medicine.



You: our world revolves around you, your family and everything you need to enjoy life. You and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. doTERRA takes great pride in sourcing them to you. For your Body so you can nourishing it and take good care of it. For your Mind so you can find clarity, calm, focus and happiness. For your Wellbeing so you can naturally take care of you and your family. For your Home so you can live in a safe environment and surround the people you loved with naturally formulated products.



All of this in the most open and transparent way. In fact, you can access the quality report for each batch of doTERRA essential oils. Simply find the code on the bottom of your oil bottle and copy it in the bar that open up in this link.

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