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I would never thought in my life to be able to be a wife and a mother, and still be able to work and pursue my personal ambitions, as I grew up with in front of me examples of women in my family devoted to one or the other thing.

When I met my husband for the first time, I was at the top of my career, close to take over the family business.  I was working on average ten  hours per day in a very unhealthy environment as I started to experience every single role from the bottom to the top, even if with my two degrees I could have sit comfortably in the management rooms.

After only one year, our prospective as a couple changed, as with the news we were going to live in Australia, so my husband could grow professionally  and take advantage of an opportunity that hardly would have presented to him again, I felt pregnant of my first child, Leonardo.

Leave everything behind and move to the other side of the World has been hard, especially with a six months old baby. My job as a mother was the only thing left for me, and I can assure you that besides all the challenges, I was determined to become the best mum ever!

In the following years, there has been moments where I doubt about the decision to move away from Italy. Especially when, after my second child Luca was born, we had to wait several months before we could fly back home and introduce him to everyone.

It has been at that time I remember suffering the first symptoms of depression. Everything inside me was oppressive and hard to sustain. After giving birth to Luca, my body never completely recovered, and my role as a wife start to become uncertain, and not because I was no longer in love with Marco, but simply because I couldn’t stop feeling inadequate in front of him and at the same time I couldn’t cope with being a mother of two with no support.

It took me three years before I could find the strength to work on myself and my emotional balance. I had to accept how my body had changed and respect who I had become, in order to manage my negative thoughts. As long as I didn’t start from the exact point where I got lost, I couldn’t fully embraced my role as woman, mother and wife, and enjoy my journey as I’m doing right now.

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