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When with my husband and my at the time six months old baby I moved to Australia, I immediately knew that my life would have changed for good!

But, an experience like this brings a lots of challenges and definitely turns your life upside-down… you need to start from scratch again, and your family, that since than has been your peaceful haven, now it’s thousands of kilometers away with a 9 hours time difference!

I grew up in a family where we were really close to each others. My parents have thought me great values and are an outstanding example of generosity and support for others in need. My sister is the person that, between hate and love, has always pushed me to be the best version of my self, and my aunties are like second mothers to me, and anyone around me has a special place in my heart.

Leave all this behind, in September 2009, has been really hard for me, and being thrown in such a different environment required a significant ability to adapt!

After few months, with ups and downs, I started to get back on my feet, and found again my identity even on the other side of the World… I can guarantee you that what I am today is the result of a  personal growth without equal, lots of hours spent to study books named “Heart, Soul and Mind” and hours of internship in a company called “Life”.

In my past I can count several stories of both success and failure … I have been a national team athlete for Italy, I got two degrees with high distinction, I worked for international leading companies, and I have experienced the joy and the pain of working my way up into the family business.

Every experience thought me something invaluable, and allowed me to become the person you can appreciate today. I have a clear vision for my future and, thanks to doTERRA, I have been able to bring the vision I have for me and my family into reality.

I am an explosion of energy and highly committed to create something big and to mentor and support other people to achieve their goals as well.

I want to create abundance for me and my family, starting a ripple effect so other people can live their life in abundance too.

I want to crate abundance so I can give back to my parents, even if only in a small part, what they have done and create for me in the past, so they can live their lives feeling loved and supported without stressing about money and debts.

I want to create abundance to donate hope to others and feel free to invest my time and resources to help people in need, without feeling that I’m taking away something from my kids.

I want to create abundance so I can live my life around my family time, give my kids amazing opportunities and be able to create for us unforgettable memories that will last forever.

I want to create abundance so I can live the life I am meant to live, without being worried about loosing my job, doing something that I hate or among people that I don’t appreciate and that don’t respect me.

I am telling you now, there is no greater feeling in the world than encouraging and building someone up to do things they never, ever dreamed they can do! That’s why I am sharing with passion this opportunity with others, so my vision can become their vision, and together thanks to a collaborative leadership, we can create a better life for thousands of people!

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