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For many of us, essential oils represent an opportunity to experience their benefits for physical needs and considering to use them for emotions is a brand new concept, even though it’s not new at all!

The science has finally proven that all physical suffering has an emotional component, and it’s not anymore an uncommon thing to say that healing the body requires healing the mind and heart.

Based on the beginner’s guide for emotions and essential oils published by Enlighten Alternative Healing in 2018, I will tell you how to maximise your experience with essential oils, embracing their goodness for the home, for the body, for the mind, and for the heart and soul.

First, let’s define what emotions are!

Emotions are normal, biological responses to everyday life. Each and every emotion we experience is in response to an external stimulus. It can be a thought, a memory or an activity which trigger the release of specific chemicals in the brain.

Thanks to aromatherapy, we can purposely introduce a positive stimulus into our emotions process and positively alter our chemical and emotional responses.

I want to focus here on the top 10 oils that come in your Home Essential Kit, and let you know which kind of emotional support each oil can provide to you along with his physical benefits.

 Lavender – The oil of communication and calm


“I am calm. I am safe.
I honor who I am.
I ambrace and express my innermost thoughts and desires.
I am open and courageously share who I am with others.”


Lavender helps support open and honest communication and with calming the mind. It reassures us when we experience the fear of being seen and heard and helps lessen the insecurities that can come with sharing our true thoughts, feelings and concerns. Express ourselves releases us from patterns of withholding and can assist with feelings of anxiousness and stress. Lavender invites us to open ourselves to experience unconditional love, self-acceptance and peace of mind.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle, diffuse or place drops in hands, rub and inhale.
  • Topically apply 1-3 drops over the throat, temples or on nape of neck.

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Spearmint when you need encouragement for speaking our truth.
  • Enhance with Serenity (Lavender Peace) to feel deeply calm, relaxed and stress-free.


 Lemon – The oil of focus


I am energized and clear. 
I focus on endless possibilities and my opportunities expanding.
I release perfection and invite joy.”


Lemon engages the mind and aids in concentration. It helps us be mentally present and alert. It dispels confusion and bestows clarity. Its brightness inspires self-confidence, playfulness, and light-heartedness. Lemon is a powerful catalyst for replacing feelings of despair and hopelessness with feelings of creativity, happiness and joy.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle or diffuse during mental exertion or any time you need a lift.
  • Topically dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply on wrists and temples (be aware of its photosensitivity, so avoid to expose skin to sunlight for 24 hours when applied topically).

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Rosemary for added mental focus, enhanced memory, and clarity.
  • Blend with Wild Orange for an instant uplift and increased sense of joy.


Frankincense – The oil of truth


“I am awakening my inner light and opening to Divinity.
I perceive truth and seek enlightenment.
I am supported, loved, and guided.”


Frankincense invites us to let go of negativity and limiting beliefs so we can create new patterns based in light and truth. It helps us access our inner wisdom and truths deeply-known, and to connect our souls with our inner light and divinity. Frankincense, for those feeling abandoned or forgotten, can remind us that we are known, loved, and protected.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle, diffuse or place drops in hand, rub, and inhale.
  • Topically apply 1-3 drops to the crown of the head, forehead, or behind the ears.
  • Environmentally add several drops to a spray bottle and mist liberally.

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Wild Orange for powerful change of perspective and immediate shift in mood.
  • Blend with Myrrh to heal maternal and paternal issues or help heal a sense of disconnection.

Melaleuca – The oil of energetic boundaries


I create healthy boundaries.
I attract positive, giving relationships.
I feel empowered to choose what is best for me.”


Melaleuca (Tea Tree) helps clear negative or toxic energies. It encourages us to break the ties of co-dependent relationships and to free ourselves from their impact on our vitality and wellbeing. It supports us in forming new, healthy connections that honour our personal space, independence, and healthy boundaries. Melaleuca reminds us to relinquish all forms of self-betrayal and to consciously choose to honour what is best for us.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle, diffuse, or place drops in hand, rub and inhale.
  • Topically apply 1-3 drops on the bottoms of feet or the crown of the head.
  • Environmentally add several drops to spray bottle and mist liberally.

Emotional blending:

  • Mix with Lemongrass to release negativity, the tendency to fight, or a sense of heaviness in your home or personal space.
  • Combine with Clove for extra support in creating healthy personal boundaries.


Oregano – The oil of humility and non-attachment


“I am self-aware.
I release negativity and everything that no longer serves me.
I surrender attachment and control.
I invite serenity.”


Oregano aids us in clearing internal blocks, negativity, and with surrendering the need to be right. It encourages us to be more teachable, malleable, humble, and kind. Oregano helps us recognise our materialism and the negative habits that hinder our growth and progress. It emboldens us to live in non-attachment and to let go of rigidity, control, and wilfulness.


  • Aromatically inhale from the bottle of diffuse.
  • Topically dilute 1 drop (or less) with carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of feet (use with caution, as Oregano can be irritating to skin).

Emotional blending:

  • Partner with Arborvitae to surrender strong will and ego.
  • Use with Thyme to assist in realising judgment, forgiving yourself, and forgiving others.


Peppermint – The oil of a buoyant heart


“I am optimistic and light-hearted.
My heart is open to learning and growth.
I feel invigorated and alive.”


Peppermint brings joy and buoyancy to the heart. It invigorates the body, mind and spirit. It can lift us out of emotional trials and those times when we are feeling overburdened and hopeless. Peppermint reminds us that happiness is possible and encourages us to choose power over fear.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle, diffuse, or place 1 drop in hand, rub and inhale.
  • Topically dilute 1-2 drops with carrier oil and apply over the chest or shoulders, or neck.

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Lime for moments when you need more buoyancy and zest for life.
  • Blend with Geranium when your heart needs extra love and encouragement.


Breathe (Easy Air) – The oil of breath


“I am loved, cared for, and safe.
I breathe in healing, hope and solace.
I am open to receiving all the experiences of my life.”


Breathe supports those of us who grieve, in particular those who grieve for love that was lost or love that was never received. It reassures us when we fear that love and support are not available to us and helps heal those who have succumbed to this distrust. Breathe helps reopen our heart space, encourages us to release stagnant grief and sadness, and allows us to receive genuine love and healing. It imbues us with courage to be fully open.


  • Aromatically inhale from the bottle or diffuse, or place drops in hand, rub and inhale.
  • Topically dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply over the heart of chest.

Emotional blanding:

  • Partner with Geranium and Marjoram to increase trust, openness, and connection.
  • Use in tandem with Console blend to amplify healing the heart and releasing trapped grief.


Deep Blue (Ice Blue) – The oil of surrendering pain


I am strong.
I surrender my painful life experiences and transform them into lessons of healing and resilience.”


Deep Blue offers us the strength to face emotional challenges and allow the wounds to surface for transformation and healing. This blend can teach us how to observe our painful experiences rather than be identified by them. Deep Blue teaches acceptance and tolerance of painful experiences and reveals the possibility that pain can be a valuable teacher.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle or diffuse.
  • Topically dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and massage wherever emotional pain manifests physically (over the chest, legs, shoulders, etc.).

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Peppermint to find solace and reprieve in emotionally painful situations.
  • Layer with Helichrysum to help create awareness of the purpose behind painful experiences and to hasten healing.


 DigestZen (ZenGest) – The oil of assimilation


“I choose to accept and embrace the events and experiences of my life.
I am enthusiastic for change.
I am connected and responsive to my physical body’s messages and provide for its needs.”


DigestZen supports the body and the spirit in emotionally processing new experiences, information, and events. It increases our ability to accept change and to be open to new possibilities. DigestZen aids us in listening to our body’s signals and in responding with love and concern. It encourages us to re-engage and to reconnect with vigour and enthusiasm.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle, diffuse or place drops in hand, rub and inhale.
  • Topically apply 1-3 drops over the entire stomach.

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Ginger and Fennel to assist in assimilating life and feeling more empowered.
  • Use in conjunction with Grapefruit and Slim&Sassy (Smart&Sassy) to help heal body-judgement issues.


On Guard – The oil of protection


“I am shielded, empowered, independent, and brave.
I live with integrity and resolutely choose what is right for me.
I am safe.”


On Guard helps to strengthen our resolve to stand up for ourselves, to live with personal integrity, and to feel empowered. It is especially supportive for those with weakened energetic or emotional boundaries. On Guard strengthens us and shields us against unwanted outside influences, helping us to feel safe and self-determined.


  • Aromatically inhale from bottle or diffuse.
  • Topically dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply over the chest, throat, and on the bottoms of the feet.

Emotional blending:

  • Combine with Melaleuca (Tea Tree) when you feel energetically vulnerable or susceptible.
  • Partner with Juniper Berry to help with fears and nightmare disturbances.


If you are interested in learning more about emotions and essential oils, I invite you to purchase the Reference Guide “Emotions & Essential Oils” published by Enlighten Alternative Healing, or just get in contact with me and I will be happy to share more tips and info with you!

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