Personal care products play a very important part when it comes to our body’s overall toxin load.

More and more commercial products contain synthetic and chemical compounds that scientific researches have demonstrated to be responsible for many diseases occurring in our modern society.

It would be a good general guideline to stay away from any product that contains the ingredient “Fragrances” as we have already learned that behind this word there are hidden all those substances that have been banned as illegal or the cosmetic companies don’t want us to read on the ingredients label.

Unfortunately the cosmesis industry is not as regulated as we believe, so there are many ways an unaware customer can be tricked.

Then, let’s get dirty and creative… let’s play around and begin to address our personal care with 100% natural products along with therapeutic grade dōTERRA essential oils.

Below some of my favorite DIY recipes, easy to make for everyone… even those who are not experts of organic fresh cosmesis, but would like to play with essential oils and save some money!